💀 Beware The Moon!
This world provides a hardcore style experience with Extras.

Did you just die…oh no, guess you’ll have to wait a while before returning to the land of the living.
This also means, your dropped loot is up for grabs.

This server is hard mode, and as the name implies;

  • upon death you’ll be temporarily banned for 24 hours;
  • keep inventory is off and drops upon death (there is a chance you can grab it again);
  • set your bed spawn or you may lose your base location upon death;
  • Giants will pursue you;
  • during Blood Moons, get cover or prepare to fight because, if you die, you’re banned for 24 hours and your inventory is instantly gone.

Raiding Is Allowed (taking chest or base items of value).
PvP Is Allowed (no consent is required).
Griefing Is Not Allowed (TNT, setting fire, flooding, or intentionally destroying builds)

Plugins Installed:

  • Random RTP
  • Bloodmoon
  • Giants
  • Stack Mob
  • Shulker Backpacks
The motto of this world...
Live and Let Live or Live and Kill Them All
Choose Your Path