After a bunch of procrastinating we have decided to soft launch the server. We have been wondering if we should be waiting until 1.17 but the truth is it would be a while before the system plugins are most likely updated to support it anyway.

We have rebuilt our solution from the ground up. We are now hosting on a dedicated server with dedicate resources to maximize gameplay and security. It also allows us to create new servers quickly for things like special events or for new gameplay testing. These servers will become available in the lobby and be announced when they arise.

Today the launch includes the main servers listed on the website. This includes our Survival, Creative and Crimson servers. They have all be overhauled and are completely fresh.

Returning players can be assured that we still have a copy of our previous survival server. We will be opening it up for view only access soon. This will allow existing players to browse their old builds for reference or inspiration.

We really appreciate everyone who decides to play on MossyMine. It has been a privilege having everyone and we hope to see you back again soon.