Desire a landscape more realistic and different from the everyday vanilla Minecraft? Terra is an incredibly powerful data-driven world generator that provides an enhances gameplay experience. Check out the CRIMSON Server to see it in action!


If you die, you’re out of the game for a certain amount of time. Perfect for servers not wanting to go all out on Hardcore, but still want players to not go around thinking they can just respawn, because that’s not how real Minecrafters play…


This plugins adds an event called a “BloodMoon” every several days, making it a central event to prepare for… During a BloodMoon, many aspects of the game are altered.Some include: Special LootStronger MobsDamage Effects DON’T DIE, trust me.

Better Giants

Add a new challenge to keep players on their toes. Giants will spawn in areas that zombies spawn and they are a tuff mob with some custom abilities: Slam attackSummon attackKick attackAttack attack


WorldSystem is a plugin where every player can get a world. Play, Build, do whatever you want without pesky neighbours. World Owners has full control over who they invite, and which friend can do what – including gamemode! Commands Include: /ws get – Gives you a world/ws home – Teleports you to your world/ws sethome…


WorldGuard allows users to guard areas of land against griefers and undesirables. As well as tweak and disable various gameplay features and game rules for Minecraft. MossyMine enables this feature for staff+ only. Protection Stones are provided for use by our valued players! Please check out the tutorial found here for more information.

Stack Mob

To help prevent issues with server lag, mob stacking has been installed on all of the servers. While it limits the number of displayed mobs, the actual count is the same so this doesn’t interfere with normal game play. Wolves, cats, horses, donkeys, mules, parrots, and villagers are not affected by this plugin.

Shulker Packs

Open shulker boxes without placing them down?! Tired of having to put down your shulker to open it? Or maybe you’re in claimed land? Now you can right click the shulker in your inventory to open it, or just right click the air with it in your main hand! This also works in chests –…

Player Salary

Get rewarded for playing on the MossyMine Minecraft Server. After a set period of time, the player will start being paid in-game money! Thereafter, money payment is rewarded for every day you the player, plays on MossyMine. In-game allows you to buy items from the Admin Shops or other players. Check how much you have…

No Chunk Lag

You take to the air with your elytra equipping fireworks. Wohoo! But wait there’s more…next you equip yourself with the Trident! Now we’re talking and you launch yourself into mach 1 speeds. Lag so much lag! And what’s this, other players are now experiencing lag too? What have you done?! You monster! Time to take…