WorldSystem is a plugin where every player can get a world. Play, Build, do whatever you want without pesky neighbours.

World Owners has full control over who they invite, and which friend can do what – including gamemode!

Commands Include:

/ws get – Gives you a world
/ws home – Teleports you to your world
/ws sethome – Sets a specific home
/ws gui – Opens the GUI menu
/ws tp <Player> – Teleports you to the specific world
/ws addmember <Player> – Add a player to your world
/ws delmember <Player> – Remove a player from your world
/ws leave – Leave the world you are currently on
/ws fire – Enables/Disables fire in your world
/ws tnt – Enables/Disables tnt in your world
/ws info – Show information about the world you are currently on
/ws reset – Reset your world
/ws togglegm <player> – Allows/Denys a player changing its gamemode
/ws toggletp <player> – Allows/Denys a player teleporting
/ws togglewe <player> – Allows/Denys a player using WorldEdit
/ws togglebuild <player> – Allows/Denys a player building