Welcome to MossyMine

The MossyMine Minecraft server offers a friendly PG-13 server with a variety of gameplay experiences with some customization only found here.

Join our community today by visiting the server and joining the discord!

Membership is free but we do accept support to help with hosting costs.
We have several servers to provide you with the best experience we can provide.


Enhanced vanilla experience with numerous additions to provide improved gameplay.


Hardcore style experience with some extras for a real challenge.


Get your own space to build and create.

Additional we provide the following features accross all of our maps:

  • Global chat with players across all servers
  • Tablist showing players on all servers
  • Customizable nickname visible across all servers
  • Private messaging across all servers
  • Chat filter to censor swears to make servers more child-friendly
  • /server command to see a list of all available servers
  • Centralized /lobby which provides an entry point to all of our servers