This plugin uses a specified type of minecraft block as a protection block. When a player places the protection rock down on the ground, the player is able to protect a region around them from bedrock to build height (0-256).

There are currently three sizes available to players:

  • Default
    64×64 area (mossy cobblestone) – each player is given 1 upon joining for the first time
  • Upgrade
    128×128 (mossy smooth brick) – available for purchase in the admin /shops
  • Farm
    5×5 (chiseled stone brick) – available for purchase in the admin /shops
    This block is primarily for a 25 space area. If you want to enable mob spawning in a small area within a main protected region where mob spawning is denied.

If you’d like to suggest a new type of block, please contact staff.

Use /ps flag to set flags within your region:

  • greeting
  • greeting-title
  • greeting-action
  • farewell
  • farewell-title
  • farewell-action
  • mob-spawning
  • creeper-explosion
  • pvp
  • tnt
  • use
  • interact
  • chest-access
  • deny-spawn (allows specific mobs to be denied such as zombies, witches, etc.
  • ice-form
  • snow-fall

Use the follow options to add friends, find out info about your regions, and much more: /ps <option below>

  • add
    /ps add <playername> <– adds a friend as a member
  • addowner
    /ps addowner <playername> <–add a friend as an owner of your region
  • flag
    /ps flag <– lists available flags you can enable in your own region
  • help
    /ps help <– help commands
  • home
    /ps home <– gives you a list of your regions
  • name
    /ps tp <name your region> <– you can use the below command to teleport home = /ps home <region name> *case sensitive
  • info
    /ps info <– displays information about your region
  • merge
    /ps merge <– allows you to merge two protection stones